Battery Conditioner / Charger Optimate 6

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The new OptiMate 6 ampmaticTM is the world’s most advanced and versatile battery
charger, maintainer and tester. All in one unit, in a stylish, robust, weatherproof
enclosure, easily wall-mountable.
As soon as connected, the ampmaticTM microprocessor automatically diagnoses your
battery’s condition and sets the optimal charge current and program. An enhanced
version of the acclaimed OptiMateTM multi-stage desulphation program will even
automatically give many deep-discharged and otherwise “dead” batteries a new lease
of life. When the charge is complete, the eco power-saving mode ensures ultra low
power consumption while maintaining your battery, optimally charged, always cool and
safe, month after month, prolonging its life by up to 400% !

2 year limited warranty. 

Kit comes with permanent wiring in facility and traditional speed connection. Permanent fixing can usually be done while you wait basis for a small extra charge.

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Price: £99.99