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Authorised Distributors for Optimate and Accumate battery optimisers and chargers.

If you like the option of a single charger for 6 & 12 Volt batteries, AccuMate 612 is for you. Select the voltage, hook it up to the battery & this reliable, temp’ compensated, 4-stage charger will do the rest. The 4-stage program is ideal for starter & deep cycle / stand-by batteries where a 100% full charge is required for maximum delivery.

FULLY AUTOMATIC SMART CHARGER – hook it up and walk away. AccuMate 612 will fully recharge your battery and then maintain it safely.
1.2A CHARGE CURRENT – delivered constantly right up to the final stage to ensure the quickest charge.
LONG TERM STORAGE – hook it up and AccuMate 612 will maintain your battery at the correct voltage to prevent sulfation for as long as you need to store the vehicle.
FOR ALL 6V & 12V LEAD-ACID BATTERIES – such as flooded / filler cap; sealed; AGM (absorbed glass mat); GEL.
Integral electronic protections against short circuits at the clamps and wrong polarity connections. Spark suppression system. No fuses to burn.
Approved by ITS to UL & CSA safety standards for battery chargers.

2 year limited warranty.

Kit comes with permanent wiring in facility and traditional speed connection. Permanent fixing can usually be done a on a while you wait basis at extra charge.

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Price: £49.99